The Worlds of John Wick Book

The Worlds of John Wick

  • Author : Caitlin G. Watt
  • Publisher : Indiana University Press
  • Date : 2022-05-03
  • Category : Art
  • Pages : 450
  • ISBN : 9780253062420

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-- Stephen Watt is located in Bloomington, IN --Caitlin Watt is located in Clemson, SC -- The editors and contributors to this volume are from a wide range of disciplines to address all aspects of John Wick worldbuilding and are best for this work because they are responsible for the research at "The World(s) of John Wick" conference in November 2019. -- Whether you consider the John Wick film franchise to be full of instant cult classics or surprise hits, the movies are no doubt a nostalgic throwback to revenge-thrillers popularized in the 1970s while featuring the action impulses of Kung Fu flicks. The worldbuilding blows people away and has become an iconic site of fan culture. John Wick 4 is planned for May 2022. -- The Year's Work series is dedicated to the analysis of recent fan cultural phenomena. This book explores the idiosyncrasies of an action film franchise that has cultivated a passionate fanbase with an elaborate subculture. The series description states that suitable topics will most likely require a multidisciplinary and often coauthored approach. -- Target audience includes film buffs and fans of the John Wick film franchise.

New York Book

New York

  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 1990-05
  • Category : New York (N.Y.)
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : NWU:35556019819267

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Capoeira Book


  • Author : Gerard Taylor
  • Publisher : Blue Snake Books
  • Date : 2007-04-24
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Pages : 560
  • ISBN : 1583941835

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Capoeira evolved as a Brazilian martial art developed initially by that country’s African slaves. Marked by deft, deceptive movements played on the ground or completely inverted, the form started gaining worldwide popularity in the early 20th century, when this second volume of Gerard Taylor’s wide-ranging history begins. The book opens with a study of the capoeira “Bamba,” Mestre Bimba, who became renowned as a fighting champion in Bahia and opened the first legal academy during the dictatorship of Getulio Vargas. Taylor investigates the dramatic development of the schism that resulted in the competing styles of Regional and Angola. Moving into contemporary capoeira, the author provides an overview of new trends, such as international encounters, long distance “mail-order mestres,” mass membership capoeira associations, cyber-capoeira, and grading systems. The book features the wisdom of a number of important mestres recounting their experiences teaching capoeira professionally around the world. In frank, inspiring interviews they talk about the highs and lows of the capoeira life, and how its lessons can enrich people’s lives. Photographs, illustrations, and an extensive glossary of terms illuminate the complex history of this fighting art.

The American Martial Arts Film Book

The American Martial Arts Film

  • Author : M. Ray Lott
  • Publisher : McFarland
  • Date : 2004-01-01
  • Category : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 242
  • ISBN : 0786418362

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"This history of American martial arts films, from major features to direct-to-video releases, begins with an overview of the martial arts in America, then moves on to discuss early trend-setting movies; the influence of Chinese kung fu film imports; martial arts on television; the explosive growth of the genre in the 80s; and recent releases, trends, and the direction of English-language martial arts movies. There is a selected filmography of 300 movies."--BOOK JACKET.

Movies  And Other Things  Book
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Movies And Other Things

  • Author : Shea Serrano
  • Publisher : Twelve
  • Date : 2019-10-08
  • Category : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN : 9781538730201

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INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER BARNES & NOBLE BESTSELLER AMAZON BESTSELLER "Paging through Serrano's Movies (and Other Things) is like taking a long drive at night with a friend; there's that warmth and familiarity where the chat is more important than the fastest route from Point A to Point B...It's like a textbook gone right; your attention couldn't wander if it tried." -- Elisabeth Egan, New York Times Book Review Shea Serrano is back, and his new book, Movies (And Other Things), combines the fury of a John Wick shootout, the sly brilliance of Regina George holding court at a cafeteria table, and the sheer power of a Denzel monologue, all into one. Movies (And Other Things) is a book about, quite frankly, movies (and other things). One of the chapters, for example, answers which race Kevin Costner was able to white savior the best, because did you know that he white saviors Mexicans in McFarland, USA, and white saviors Native Americans in Dances with Wolves, and white saviors Black people in Black or White, and white saviors the Cleveland Browns in Draft Day? Another of the chapters, for a second example, answers what other high school movie characters would be in Regina George's circle of friends if we opened up the Mean Girls universe to include other movies (Johnny Lawrence is temporarily in, Claire from The Breakfast Club is in, Ferris Bueller is out, Isis from Bring It On is out...). Another of the chapters, for a third example, creates a special version of the Academy Awards specifically for rom-coms, the most underrated movie genre of all. And another of the chapters, for a final example, is actually a triple chapter that serves as an NBA-style draft of the very best and most memorable moments in gangster movies. Many, many things happen in Movies (And Other Things), some of which funny, others of which are sad, a few of which are insightful, and all of which are handled with the type of care and dedication to the small

Spinegrinder Book


  • Author : Clive Davies
  • Publisher : SCB Distributors
  • Date : 2015-03-06
  • Category : Performing Arts
  • Pages : 1100
  • ISBN : 9781909394063

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First came video and more recently high definition home entertainment, through to the internet with its streaming videos and not strictly legal peer-to-peer capabilities. With so many sources available, today’s fan of horror and exploitation movies isn’t necessarily educated on paths well-trodden — Universal classics, 1950s monster movies, Hammer — as once they were. They may not even be born and bred on DAWN OF THE DEAD. In fact, anyone with a bit of technical savvy (quickly becoming second nature for the born-clicking generation) may be viewing MYSTICS IN BALI and S.S. EXPERIMENT CAMP long before ever hearing of Bela Lugosi or watching a movie directed by Dario Argento. In this world, H.G. Lewis, so-called “godfather of gore,” carries the same stripes as Alfred Hitchcock, “master of suspense.” SPINEGRINDER is one man’s ambitious, exhaustive and utterly obsessive attempt to make sense of over a century of exploitation and cult cinema, of a sort that most critics won’t care to write about. One opinion; 8,000 reviews (or thereabouts.

Cyberpunk 2077   Strategy Guide Book

Cyberpunk 2077 Strategy Guide

  • Author :
  • Publisher : Gamer Guides
  • Date : 2021-02-08
  • Category : Games & Activities
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : 9781630418199

Cyberpunk 2077 Strategy Guide in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in night city, a megalopolis obsessed with power, Glamour and body modification. As V, choose one of three backgrounds and take on the dangers of night city with the aid of this guide. The Guide for Cyberpunk 2077 will include: - A 100% Walkthrough - Covering all three backgrounds; Corpo, Nomad and Street Kid. - Character Development - An In-depth section on how to create your ideal V with expert analysis and strategies. - Side Job - Details on where to find every sidequest, challenge and mini-game along with all possible outcomes. - All Endings - How to achieve every ending in Cyberpunk 2077. - Full coverage of all Items - Every weapon, item and more laid bare - Trophy Guide & Roadmap - Earn the Platinum Trophy in the fastest and easiest way possible!

Blood Sport Book

Blood Sport

  • Author : Emma Griffin
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Date : 2007-01-01
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Pages : 283
  • ISBN : 0300116284

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Nearly a decade of divisive debate over foxhunting in Britain culminated with the passage of the Hunting with Dogs Act of 2004. But the battle over the future of hunting is not yet resolved, and polarizing right-or-wrong debates continue undiminished. This book recounts the history of hunting in Britain and offers a fresh perspective on conflicts.

Video Hounds Golden Movie Retrievee Book

Video Hounds Golden Movie Retrievee

  • Author : Gale Group
  • Publisher : Gale Cengage
  • Date : 2000-08
  • Category :
  • Pages : 1830
  • ISBN : 1578591201

Video Hounds Golden Movie Retrievee in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Containing the most extensive listing of movies available on video and a multitude of cross-referencing within its 10 primary indexes, this new edition includes 1,000 new movies (23,000 in all), expanded indexing, a fresh new introduction and more of the beloved categories.

TV Guide Book

TV Guide

  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Date : 2005
  • Category : Television programs
  • Pages :
  • ISBN : IND:30000107550034

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The Billboard Albums Book

The Billboard Albums

  • Author : Joel Whitburn
  • Publisher : Record Research
  • Date : 2006
  • Category : Music
  • Pages : 1433
  • ISBN : STANFORD:36105130552289

The Billboard Albums in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

Lists every album from every musical genre that made Billboard's popular albums chart between 1956 and 2006, providing information on the sales, position on the chart, and background information of each album.

Blood Sport Book

Blood Sport

  • Author : Tash McAdam
  • Publisher : Orca Soundings
  • Date : 2021-04-13
  • Category : Young Adult Fiction
  • Pages : 112
  • ISBN : 1459830903

Blood Sport in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

In this high-interest accessible novel for teen readers, Jason is determined to find out the truth about his sister's death.

Blood Sport Book
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Blood Sport

  • Author : Tim Elfrink
  • Publisher : Penguin
  • Date : 2014-07-08
  • Category : Sports & Recreation
  • Pages : 480
  • ISBN : 9780698158474

Blood Sport in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

The definitive and dramatic story of the Alex Rodriguez and Biogenesis scandal, written by the reporters who broke and covered the story. “Blood Sport is riveting...a tragicomedy filled with characters straight out of a Carl Hiaasen novel.”—The Washington Post The effects of the Biogenesis case—the biggest drug scandal in the history of American sports—are still being felt today. Fifteen Major League Baseball players were suspended, including Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez. Ten men were indicted in federal court. And a new MLB commissioner was elected based on his role leading the response to the case. Now, Tim Elfrink—who broke that first story in the Miami New Times—joins forces with Pulitzer Prize finalist investigative reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts to tell the shocking full story behind the headlines. Blood Sport blows the lid off the most expensive scandal in the history of the game, and now includes an epilogue revealing the stunning aftermath of the scandal and its effects for years to come.

Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide 1998 Book

Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide 1998

  • Author : Leonard Maltin
  • Publisher : Plume Books
  • Date : 1997
  • Category : Motion picture actors and actresses
  • Pages : 1632
  • ISBN : 0452279143

Leonard Maltin s Movie and Video Guide 1998 in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, Mobi and Kindle:

With more than 300 new entries, 1,000 more videocassette and laser-disc listings, and an enlarged index of leading performers and directors, the 1998 edition of this perennial bestseller continues to be a "must" for every movie buff's bookshelf. "Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide" has long been acclaimed because of its factual authority and sheer depth of information.